What is STO?

STO - Security token offering that make your business more reliable and flexible with its prime attributes. Secure tokens provides assurance to the investors and assured and back their investments with realizing something. This helps to appeal your business in the market and it gives possession to the investors that finally brings capital to your business. Launching STO will earn more trustworthy investors to your business. An intelligent technique that aid a lot to the entrepreneurs to take their business to the extent. In short, it is a better way to enhance your investments funds with the trustworthy customers.

Superior STO Development Company

We, Osiz technology, a superior STO development company in Madurai, ensure for the relevant business services to your business and provides high yield of output to your business. For this, we employ cutting-edge technology to make the tokens, their smart contracts and the wallets. We assure for the service that can reach your audience anywhere in the world. Besides, we help you to create a network with our marketing team that makes your project as heard, read and seen by every investor in this world. Altogether, we provide security token offering services that includes consulting, whitepaper drafting, website buiding as well as smart contracts.

Our STO Services

STO Development Service

We develop the tokens with cutting edge technology and ensure that ensure that they are capable to gravel your business. We make our clients stout so they can secured their company benefits as well investor.

STO Whitepaper Development

We draft whitepaper to provide a distinct vision of your project to make it clear to all your investors. Through this service, you can get a label of authenticity to your offering that will remain as a reliable one.

Payment System Development

We furnish a robust payment portal to ascertain that your STO buyers will fit to keep it safely as well as exchange it well, to make your offering more feasible to the maximal investors.

Community Support Management

We make your proposal a fledged business offering through the support management system that makes it more reachable altogether. This is indeed a feature which helps your investors a lot.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

We create tokens which are hardback by assets to ensures definite returns to the investors. This also insure a clear path to business which they do not have to sort more efforts for assets tokenization.

STO Marketing

We drive a marketing campaign for your security token offering, that make it simple for you to identify investors throughout the globe. Through our extended service, we ascertain that your business finds large number of investors.

STO Launch Methodology

The Groundwork

Launching STO initiates with the groundwork phase that undergoes legal consultation, regulation figure out, identifying use case, and also website creation.

Pre STO Preparation

The second phase of launching STO is Pre STO preparation that handles website publishing, whitepaper drafting, creating tokens and smart contracts and release of POC.

Approaching of Accredited Investors

This phase handles custodian integration , creation of smart contracts for holding and regulations as well as release of alpha version.

Post STO Activities

The post STO activities comes with the progress of certain activities like support, marketing and maintenance.

Why Osiz for STO Development?

  • Wider business market efficiency
  • Fractionalization
  • Enhanced support to the clients
  • Huge investment funds
  • Expert team
  • Timely delivery
  • Affordable price
  • Global business reach

Engage With Us

As a premium STO development company in India, our prime focus is to satisfy our clients through meet their requirements. We assure for the capital investment fund to your business with our extended STO services. We undergo add ons based on our clients requisites combined together with the sophisticated tools and technologies. Engage with us for your global business reach.

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