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We provide complete way finding solution which includes way finding design software, way finding web based app, way finding hybrid apps way finding signage and way finding consulting for organization worldwide.

Way Finding Design Software & App Development Company

Way finding design is the process of designing signals to help folks navigate an environment, whether they are on walk or in a vehicle. The process is a solution of art, craft and psychology, and may cover signage, color, typography, lighting, architecture, and a range of other factors.

When the design is well-executed, way finding helps people smartly get to and from their planned destinations without really noticing how they did it.

As a leading web and mobile app development company Osiz, provides complete & effective way finding solutions for various business sectors such as corporate and college campuses, healthcare facilities, government buildings, hotels and conference centres and more.

Osiz has integrated avant-garde blue-dot navigation, beacon, and geo-fencing technologies into our web and mobile app development platform to make way finding an cut-throat reality for retails, hospitals, corporate and various organizations nation-wide.

Why Interactive Wayfinding Solutions?

Helping People By Giving Them Right Directions

With help of interactive way finding you can easily get direction with time estimation and know which entryway and stairs you need to use to find your target destination. You can also share these routes with your colleagues, friends or visitors.

Usable Friendly Routes

It helps for handicapped people who are struggling to reach their target destination on right time. It supports for navigation path especially for motion-impaired. For friendly routes, you can tag specific areas and route suggestions.

Integrate Way finding in Your Applications

Once Way finding is create, you can integrate it into your own devices like desktop or app. With a way finding map, you can clarify data much faster, save time and avoid confusion and errors.

Blue-Dot Navigation

With help of indoor positioning system, you can also get a blue-dot navigation experience form your specific point of location to your target area, just like GPS navigation!The blue dot will follow you and making it easier to navigate your destination correctly.

2D Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding Solution is an automatic and intelligent navigation system applicable for large campus likes malls, airports, educational campus etc. The 2D interface wayfinding offers easiest route to the choose location, once entered by a end-user. The interactive wayfinding is not only a navigation system as it provides a entire location directory.

3D Wayfinding

With help of 3D wayfinding you can get entire block interfaces in 3D, it rebuilds the map in 3D offering realistic experience. Interactive 3D wayfinding provides outstanding features such as directory view, integrated digital signage, feedback system and more…

Features We offer

Interactive Map

Our platform allows you to create, share and collaborate interactive maps online. It Show photos and text , Play video and audio , Pan and zoom large maps, Display a directory , Draw routes, Link to other web pages ,Get data from your server in real time and more…

Dynamic Directory

Our team of experts can customize the complete solution if needed to including integration with other applications like QMS, Wayfinding etc.

Generally Controlled

Our comprehensive solution suitable with various screen sizes like large smart video walls, efficient display panels, aspect ratios, screen locations and resolutions.

Saves Time

Our wayfinding digital signage is a web & mobile app based solution accessible from anywhere and it can save your time to show the right path and helps to connect Connect to mobile devices with QR codes and SMS.…

Flexible Solutions

Whether guiding conference and seminar participants or engaging major venue VIP's, attendees, trade shows exhibitor, we can scale and deploy to meet your all business needs.

Mobile-Ready Maps

Our team of experts providing web and mobile ready maps instantly with advanced features. You can shared the maps and accessed easily across all mobile devices and desktops, without the require to download any additional devices or software.

Industry We Serve

Airport Wayfinding

Retail Wayfinding

Hospital Wayfinding

Stadiums wayfinding

Museum wayfinding

Shopping malls wayfinding

Hotels and resorts navigation

Indoor Navigation

Why Choose Osiz for interactive Wayfinding Solution?

  • 10+ years of experience and offer wide range IT solutions worldwide
  • Our experienced software developers provide optimum interactive wayfinding solution as per client's business needs.
  • 200+ technology developers
  • All our programs and products come with an unparalleled 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • We provide the 24*7 delivery of superior technical support while concurrently offering industry leading customer satisfaction and support.

Hire Wayfinding App Developer From Osiz

Hire wayfinding app developer from OSIZ, we understand your entire business process and provide the comprehensive solution based on your industries needs. our seasoned & professional developers with at least 3-10 years experience and usually many more. We provide our in-house experts with continuing learning opportunities on a daily basis to allow them to stay current with the latest technology.

We handle all aspects of your business infrastructure including software management, business partner relationships for your internet connectivity, website management, maintenance upgrades, app management and any other similar technology needs. We focus on your entire business marketing so you can focus on your business without confusion.

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