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Published :14 June 2024

Artificial Intelligence Challenges


Challenges Faced By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Software Malfunction

The major issue with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that when the software or hardware crashes, it is difficult to dig deep to find what went wrong and who made things go wrong. It is also difficult to find the cause of software/hardware crashes.

Storage Of Data

A large amount of data and information will be extracted through various sources of AI. All the information has to be securely saved and accessible at any time. Handling those data is not easy and the chance of hack or loss is high.

Data Privacy And Security

AI generally relies on millions of data to learn and make appropriate decisions. Most often, sensitive and personal data will be analysed by the machine and it leads to security issues like data breach and identity theft.

Incomplete Automation

AI was initiated to simplify the work with automation but not all the tasks can be undertaken by AI. It is likely a tool that helps in strengthening the productivity and performance of an average worker and it becomes an issue with the existing system.

Data Scarcity

Since millions of data are recorded, it requires a large quantity of storage to store all the necessary data. But sometimes, not all the data are entered clearly and this might affect at the time of making important decisions at business.


The success of AI is purely based on how well the solution is merged with the existing or new technology in the business organization. Flexible organizations could adopt AI easily with smart integration.


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