Published: 30 September, 2019

Blockchain Digital Trust Solutions - Grab Your Own Identity

The curious in the term “Digital Trust Solutions” itself symbolizes that, it is a trusty solutions to the businesses, enterprise as well as industry standards digitally that evidently denotes the solution is of decentralized.

Blockchain Digital Trust Solutions - Grab Your Own Identity

The curious in the term “Digital Trust Solutions” itself symbolizes that, it is a trusty solutions to the businesses, enterprise as well as industry standards digitally that evidently denotes the solution is of decentralized. In this modern era, technology has become a succeed part of everyday life. For that, "trust" it is important to stay aggressive in today’s digital world and that trust should be of digital as well as decentralized.

First and foremost, before stuffing digital trust solutions to your industry and sectors, you must have a distinct knowledge about what digital trust solution is and how it lets.

Well, let me explain you in an elaborate way. Proceed further for the comprehensive guide.

What is Digital Trust?

“A concept that invokes to the confidence level that customers, business partners and employees have in a company or organization's competence to keep up secure networks, systems and infrastructures, specifically respecting to their sensitive data.” Hope, now, you came to the clear understanding about digital trust solutions through this digital trust definition. Simply, its nothing but a solutions to manage your ownership and royalty without any copyrights.

Organizations are now seeking for digital transformation initiatives with a keen of digital trust to manage an ever-widening list of precedence that addresses risk vulnerability, regulatory and compliance requirements.

Due to the organizations effort lies in building digital business models with customer-focused, it’s really significant to consider the merging of trust and privacy in the customer experience. By utilizing digital trust, it prop-up a highly secured application with cost effectiveness and humiliating data infringement.

Why Digital Trust Solutions?

Analyzing why digital trust solutions could be better whereas why digital trust solutions for this competitive vizard world could be much more better than this. The major thing to go for this is a reputable blockchain solutions that aid the real inventor to track their creation and acquire royalties with out any hassles and iterations.

Blockchain - A distributed ledger is a growing list of records called blocks which is combined using cryptography that symbolizes its traits are security, transparency and trust. It provides a stable and secured transaction that helps to protect and prevent hacking and secure the data alteration.

A significant way to bring up trust and security digitally is "blockchain". While enhancing intellectual property rights as well as copyrights security, it aids in authorization of individual stakeholders and also concrete tremendous new business models and collaborations. On the other hand, it will also build a well-founded environment that fairly equilibrate artists and stakeholders through cryptocurrencies or fiat currency

While ruining over with these information, the question rise in your mind on how digital trust solutions serves for individuals as well as industries. Right? Let me explain with a scenario.

Let us take “media and entertainment industry”. Here the challenges faced by the industry and our digital trust solutions for that disputes.

Challenges in Media and Entertainment Industry

1. Significant gap between innovators and end users

2. High probable of fraudulent activities

3. Slow cash flow because of middlemen involvement

4. Non transparent management arrangements

5. Non recognization of real artists and makers

6. Lacking of trusted and consolidated data

7. Economic and political challenges

How Digital Trust Solutions Works?

1. Multiplying the Trust

The solution that multiplies the trust through an approach of digital watermarking which negotiate multimedia digital information like images, as a data carrier to confine copyright information. If there is arise of any copyright challenges, the ownership of the copyright can be verified from the information in the data carrier (So Called Meta data).

What is Meta Data?

In general, the meta data is data about the data. Here, it represents the data of the real creator when the second uploader tries for any fraudulent activities. For instance, when a second uploader attempts to upload any file, the meta data publishes the absolute data about that file with its real creator. 

Here is the pictorial view for your comprehend.

2. Secure and Transparent System

The secure system in the sense replicates that, it obviate duplication with the combo of blockchain and meta data. The intention of meta data is to chiefly restrict third parties that obviously led to transparent activities. On the other hand, there exist direct fund between uploader and viewer that let way for the uncorrupted royalties via direct payment.

3. Recognition to Real Creators

Rewarding real creators, providing their ownership and royalties to them is the prime intense of our solutions. Furnishing recognition through avoiding duplication and fraudulent activities becomes simple with our decentralized trust solutions that verifies the meta data of the real creators before any second uploader tries to upload any musics, videos and so on. The matching meta data restrict the second uploader to upload files in any medium. Through this, royalties, ownership and recognition will never leave from the real creators.

4. Eliminates Duplication and Simplifies Verification

If meta data of the real creator has found, then uploading the same file by the another uploader will be restricted. In such cases, our solutions double checks the decentralized database and permits for uploading only if mismatching of data occurs. On the other hand, the verification phase get simplified through this progress.

Digital Trust Solutions Provider

We, Osiz technologies launched blockchain labs furnish digital trust solutions chiefly inbound digital Blockchain exclusively devised to let you, your organization to build a blockchain Eco-system that securely solves all the trust issues and challenges in an faultless approach. Our solution furnish boundless security traits and the most enchanting purpose of blockchain that undergoes elasticity, immutability and smart contract as well.

How Osiz Aid you?

Through highly responsive and functional decentralized mobile application, we aid for the industries and individuals to get their royalties, ownership and funds without any duplication. We build highly customized mobile applications as per the client requirements that builds and maintains unique identity for you. At present, we are confine with the digital trust solutions for music industry (audio & video) and to mention that solutions for several other industries are in pipeline and will shine closely.

Our Working Model

(i) Investing time to comprehend our client’s business

(ii) Analyzing and predicting blockchain transformation

(iii) Determining project feasibility in real time world

(iv) Deciding and building cutting edge blockchain solutions

(v) Distributing application to client’s network

Here is the pictorial representation of the dashboard of the mobile application.

Acquire highly customized mobile application from us and hold back unique identity for your industry.

Got a blockchain project in your mind?

Tell us about the idea for your project and we can provide the perfect blockchain solution for your business.

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