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Start your Decentralized Crypto Exchange with Our 100% Multi-tested Decentralized Exchange Script Software

Published: 15 February, 2021

Start your Decentralized Crypto Exchange with Our 100% Multi-tested Decentralized Exchange Script Software

Decentralized Exchange Script Software

Decentralized Exchange Script Software is the source code for the Decentralized Crypto Exchange platform with customizable, advanced API, Robust trade engine. We design, develop a decentralized exchange platform to helps the user to perform trading without any centralized control. Our Decentralized Exchange Script helps to launch your Decentralized Exchange Platform.

A decentralized exchange, or DEX, is a type of exchange for cryptocurrencies that allows you to trade your cryptocurrencies without a centralized intermediary being involved. There are no intermediaries keeping ledgers or holding funds from customers. This effectively facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, allowing you to pass funds directly to the buyer/seller concerned, without having to go through intermediaries. In the crypto world, they are extremely common, as decentralization is one of the key techniques that differentiate cryptocurrencies from other asset groups.

Now, let’s analyze the key differences between a centralized exchange and decentralized exchanges,

Barriers in Centralized Exchange

Contradicts with Blockchain Technology 

Decentralization is the core element of blockchain technology. To provide a better alternative to the traditional centralized monetary exchange system, Bitcoin was created. CEXs, however, rely essentially on the conventional cryptocurrency trading exchange system, which goes against the ideology of the blockchain. Unlike a decentralized exchange, on a CEX for all participants, there is no equal playing field. Rather, most of the power is concentrated in the exchange's hands. The purpose of empowering a decentralized system is defeated.

Price manipulation

They can also influence the rates, as the white label crypto exchanges have the power to regulate the flow of crypto coins. To lower coin prices and generate selling pressure, they can discretely liquidate a specific digital asset.

For instance, the CEOs of Ripple Bradley Garlinghouse and Ripple Labs Inc are facing price manipulation litigation. All three lawsuits allege that Ripple Labs are given the chance to exploit the price for their own benefit by the centralized status of XRP and the mining-less supply model.

Security Challenges

A centralized network is more vulnerable to cyber attacks as compared to a decentralized network. The whole system freezes and becomes prone to crashes and theft until the central nodes in the cryptocurrency exchange program fail. Such cyber attacks also contribute to unpredictable market swings, resulting in significant trade losses.

For instance, in June 2018, a cyber-attack on the CConraillead cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea led to the theft of virtual coins worth £ 27.8 million. It also sent Bitcoin's price down to $6,627 (10% drop) in just an hour, losing £372.

Benefits of Decentralized Exchange


The biggest benefit and the most fundamental explanation why further decentralization in cryptocurrency exchanges is required is that it improves protection. Decentralized exchanges, as explained above, provide users with better protection since there is no third-party service used to store their currencies and users have full control over their cryptos' security.


Another important note here is that, true to their design, most decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges do not even have a centralized server. They are distributed around the world on different servers. This means that user data stays protected and that the exchanges are far more difficult to hack than conventional, centralized exchanges of cryptocurrencies.


Most centralized exchanges of cryptocurrencies will require a user to register and provide personal information such as proof of identity and e-mail ID, phone number, etc. More personal details, such as passports, are also required for certain exchanges. This is not necessary, however, when it comes to decentralized exchanges. Although most DEX platforms require a user to sign up, they do not require any personal data.

Useful in Countries Where Exchanges Are Banned

A number of countries have imposed stringent regulations on bitcoin exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges of late. Some countries, such as Chile and India, are also issuing crypto-currency banking embargoes. Peer-to-peer networks that have to be offered by decentralized exchanges are also a perfect solution to government aggression because they are not based in a single place and can not be 'prohibited' or 'outlawed'.

Features of Decentralized Exchange Script Software

Solid Administrator/user Dashboard

Our admin panel system will engage you at any point without needing any programming expertise to easily monitor and invigorate your business nuances.

UI/UX Design

From post-deployment, our UI/UX community will work with you to correct bugs, repair errors, and add new functionality to your company to keep it outstanding.

Transaction History

Each & every currency trade and withdrawal limit history will be recorded as well as you can consistently ensure the inflow of your revenue from the cryptocurrency.

Two - Factor Authentication

You do not need to worry about any unanticipated breaks with our two-factor authentication. You can also integrate two-factor authentication for a more secure exchange in the BTC wallet.

Secure Crypto Transaction

In your decentralized crypto exchange platform, you can join various cryptocurrency exchanges alternatives, which can not be hacked by programmers and other digital violations.

Smart Contract Integration

Our dedicated developers of smart contracts can self-execute contracts that automate the improvement of your business and gain confidence in currency transactions.

Decentralized Exchange Development Process 

  • Analyzing the Business purpose
  • Business demand-based planning
  • Exchange wireframe
  • UX/UI Design.  
  • Smart contract development.
  • API Integration
  • Crypto wallet Integration 

Develop Your Decentralized Exchange With Osiz Technologies

Launch your Decentralized Exchange with Osiz technologies, a leading decentralized Exchange Development Company having 12+ years of experience in Decentralized Application Development. We have highly qualified developers in building decentralized exchanges. 

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