Published: 30 October, 2020

How do forsage clone software help entrepreneurs skyrocket their revenue in no time?

If you are planning to expand your income by starting your MLM business with Forsage clone Forsage, you have just landed on the perfect page. 

How do forsage clone software help entrepreneurs  skyrocket their revenue in no time?

If you are planning to expand your income by starting your MLM business with Forsage clone Forsage, you have just landed on the perfect page. 

This 2-minute article teaches you, 

  1. How to generate $32 billion in 1 month with just two people (With proof).
  2. How to stand unique and efficient among MLM competitors.
  3. How to develop and launch your Forsage smart contract MLM business instantly. 

Let’s start, 

Forsage Clone  - Business Prospects

There was never a simpler yet powerful business model like Forsage (or) multi-layer marketing in general. 

Because, as the founder of an MLM organization, the time you spend, the people you recruit, and finance maintenance are relatively low, simple, and effective. 

Imagine administering a $200 million worth organization with 1000+ employees but without traveling all day (or) getting stuck in meetings.

Business models like Forsage make it possible. Here’s how,

Follow these steps to deploy your forsage MLM clone software and start minting money. 

STEP 1: Your million-dollar business depends on just 2 people. 

Yes. Market your brand to just two people and watch your business grow beyond your expectations. 


Imagine, registration fee in your forsage MLM clone platform is 0.075 ETH ($30).

On the first day of your business, you recruit two people. So, the total revenue is $60. 
On the second day of your business, those two people recruit two each. So, the total revenue is $120. 

What would happen if this cycle goes on for a month? 

We started with just two people, Ended up with $32 billion in just 30 days. 

All our recruits had to do was just find two people. Excluding the tax and commission, and even if your recruits struggle to find just two more recruits, your business would still generate billions of profit in a month. 

This $32 billion (or) 83796605 ETH is based on the current ETH value.

By the time you run your business if the ETH value surges another 50%, the same amount of ETH reaps $48 billion in one month. A 50% increase in market value brings us 16 billion for free every month.  

  • What if this continues over a year? 
  • How would you be able to calculate all the money earned?
  • How do you pay back the commission to thousands of your recruits? 

STEP 2: Integration of Smart Contracts

A forsage smart contract MLM software solves all the above questions. 

Smart contracts are complex codes of agreement between two parties. They cannot be edited once set. 

They execute functions like payment automatically if the conditions made in the agreement are met. 

So, no matter how high your income is, smart contracts take care of the cash inflow and the commission paid to your recruits with 100% accuracy. 

Along with blockchain technology, the entire data is made public. Hence, your decentralized smart contract MLM creates more transparency among your users. 

Benefits of smart contracts:

  • No third-party. 
  • Lean management system. 
  • An accurate record of data. 
  • Prompt settlement. Zero disputes. 

STEP 3: Building your Forsage MLM clone on TRON/Ethereum Platform

Both Ethereum and TRON are blockchain networks. Your forsage clone, can be converted into your business model on any of these platforms. However, the TRON forsage clone software enjoys a lower blockchain fee on a par with Ethereum forsage clone software development. 

Both networks own their exclusive set of privileges. Hence, entrepreneurs can choose their blockchain system based on their needs. 

How to make your smart contract MLM platform unique with our Forsage clone software? 

Once deployed, with all the above-mentioned parameters, you could tune up your business model to stand unique from your competitors. Here are some interesting perks you are entitled to receive from us. 

Monthly Bonus

  • Active recruits can be monitored and rewarded with monthly bonus rewards. 
  • It boosts them to perform better. 

VIP Privileges

  • Loyal recruits who remain a part of your community can be honored with VIP rewards. 
  • This is not employed by any of the other smart-contract-based Forsage clone MLM businesses. 

Commission rebate

Recruits who generate a high volume of income can be offered a chance to rebate their commission fee for a specific period. 

Security Level of our Forsage Clone Software

PHP, Mean stack, and Laravel are the three main technology stacks used in building your smart-contract-based Forsage clone. 

We shield your platform with the following protocols:

  • Anti-phishing software
  • DDOS mitigation
  • Multi-sig wallet
  • Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection
  • SMS/Email authentication
  • Whitelisting 

Admin benefits of our Forsage clone software

  • Ready-to-deploy forsage clone for instant launch. 
  • Finance management system to monitor the cash flow. 
  • User management system to track the recruits. 
  • Customizable white-label solutions. 
  • Content management system to stay in touch with your users. 

User benefits in our Forsage clone software 

  • Instant P2P payment. 
  • Immutability. Contracts can’t be edited.  
  • Highly secure crypto-wallet integration. 
  • Scam-free platform. 
  • 5+ security protocols to guard users’ data.  

Develop your decentralized smart contract MLM platform like Forsage with Osiz Technologies

Osiz Technologies, a leading smart-contract-based MLM Development Company, has 10+ years of experience in blockchain technology. Our pool of blockchain architects and software developers are guaranteed to deliver customizable and quality Forsage MLM clone software. Consult us for free, deploy your forsage clone , and go global with your highly-rewarding business in no time. 

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