Published :20 December 2019

Blockchain Development Process - A Complete Pro Guide

Blockchain Development Process - A Complete Pro Guide

To be well fit in this digitized world, everyone heard about the sophisticated technology, blockchain once in your lifetime, specifically entrepreneurs. Right? On the other hand, hope you have grabbed a lot about what is blockchain technology, how and why it is used as well as the blockchain use cases for industries.

So, I don’t wanna break your patience, let me now describe the stepwise development process of blockchain.

Blockchain Development Process

Here is the stepwise guidance to the blockchain development process to build the blockchain-based solution.

1. Diagnose the Problems you want to Fix with Blockchain

Not only for the blockchain development life-cycle but also for every development process, it is more vital to identifying the problem statement precisely and comprehend what all the problems you want to solve before applying the proposed solutions. In the same way, ensure that the blockchain solution will benefit your business abilities and examine if there is a need to emigrate your current solution to the blockchain or there is a demand for the new application to be developed from scratch.

For instance, if you are a healthcare provider and desire to build a blockchain-based health record exchange app, the first thing you must gather the several use cases of the applications and what are the benefits it will furnish to the users.

At last, once you determine that blockchain solutions are required for your business operations, the next step is to pick the precise blockchain platform as well as blockchain development tools for your project.

2.  Pick the Precise Blockchain Platform

As mentioned earlier, developing blockchain from scratch needs absolute research and holds months to years for successful development. Hence, you should develop a blockchain app with the top blockchain platform which meets your business requirements. To point out, identifying the right blockchain platform for your application should consider factors like consensus mechanisms and difficulties you want to solve.

For instance, it is exact to develop Ethereum-based application, if you require to build a decentralized public application with smart contracts. After identifying the blockchain platform which you are gonna be apply for your solution, go through brainstorming and comprehend the accurate business needs is the next essential thing.

3. Brainstorming and Blockchain Ideation

It is essential to draft business requirements and brainstorming ideas, once you reckon the blockchain platform to develop blockchain application. Discover which components of the technology in the blockchain ecosystem should be added as off-chain or on-chain entities. Build a product’s roadmap which will let you to develop an application within the definite deadline. As well, it is more vital to come up with a blockchain model and conceptual workflow of the blockchain application.

On the other hand, determine if the application needs to be built on permission or a permissionless blockchain network. In this case, you must also induce front-end programming languages to be utilized, servers and external databases.

4. Doing a Proof-of-Concept

In general, undergoing proof of concept is to symbolize the practical applicability of a blockchain project. To mention, it may be either a design paradigm or a theoretical build-up. While going on to the theoretical build-up, every project has theoretical cases through the users can comprehend the viability and applicability of the product. Likewise, make proposals that should explain the absolute project’s parameter. Once a theoretical build-up is created, design the prototype a prototype is designed, that should comprise sketches, mockups, tested products, designs as well as information architecture.  

5. Visual and Technical Design

To this phase, you have planned an entire application as per your desired solutions. Fine, the next step is to create UIs for each software component and design APIs which integrate with user interfaces to run an application at the back-end. To mention, visual designs are developed to offer a look and feel to the application, while technical designs symbolize the application’s technology architecture.

At once the design completion of admin consoles and user interfaces is done, the application gets ready for development.

6. Development and Deployment

To point out, development is the momentous phase of the blockchain development process, where you should be prepared to develop the blockchain app. In this particular stage, either you have to develop or integrate APIs for the application’s defined use cases. This is more vital to mention that the application is developed under multiple versions. The first one is an application that refuses to undergo formal testing is consider as pre-alpha version of the app.

Following that the application moves to the next phase, i.e., alpha. In this stage, the developers utilize white-box techniques to test the software. But, the software might not hold all the traits at this stage.

After the reveal of the alpha version, the app is equipped for the beta version. In the beta phase, the software application has its absolute feature set, either with or without some unknown bugs and it will get fixed in the same phase.

When the beta version is tested and approved, the application is entitled to moves to the Release Candidate version which is an advanced beta version that is primed to be a final application and can be launched.

After complete testing, the application goes for the presentation phase and gets ready for delivery.

Before live the app, it is more vital to distribute it on the test network to carefully examine its functionalities.

While the application is deploying, the chiefs can succeed which versions of the app need to be deployed to several resources with provisioning.

Once the app is provisioned, it must be present on the main chain, either your blockchain app contains both off-chain and on-chain business entities. Henceforth, you need to distribute it on the cloud server and app store/play store. To point out, the application has the ability to upgrade accordant to all business requisites and prioritization.

Here is the pictorial representation of the blockchain development process.

As a result, developing and deploying the app does not resemble that you are done. Instead, a software application should be maintained and post-development which ensures that it works well with all sorts of future upgrades.

Wrapping Up

Hope, you have acquired a clear knowledge about the blockchain application development. Right? Well, are you seeking to build your own blockchain application to overcome your business inabilities and difficulties? No worries, you headed into the right place. We are here!!!!!

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