Published: 17 December, 2019

Blockchain Use cases in Top 9+ Industries : A Comprehensive Study

As we well knew how blockchain is revolutionizing several industries and there exists a reason why a business needs blockchain.

Blockchain Use cases in Top 9+ Industries : A Comprehensive Study

As we well knew how blockchain is revolutionizing several industries and there exists a reason why a business needs blockchain. The amazing attributes and astounding perks of the sole technology, blockchain is the reason beyond for its praise. Henceforth, considering blockchain technology as the Dawn of the Era is for a reason.

Blockchain use cases are far beyond the cryptocurrency, and the technology has already transformed the way of several industries.

As a matter of fact, Everyone from large enterprise to niche startups is seeking for the surprising ways on how distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) assist them to grow.

For instance, legal services, food production, and a slew of several industries stand to be disrupted and changed by blockchain.

In What Way Blockchain Benefit Enterprises?

The technology which is distributed technology grasps the huge potential to enhance efficiency, offering real-time information, and diminishing costs. On the other hand, ethereum furnishes four key solutions for enterprises.

(A) Minify costs of trust and external parties coordination

(B) Disengage new business models via multi-sided markets and digital assets

(C) Embellish business network accountability and functional efficiency

(D) Future-proof businesses against ancient process models

Blockchain Technology Use Cases and Applications

The innovative characteristics of blockchain technology come with decentralization, transparency, immutability, and also automation. These elements can be practiced in several industries, building a cluster of use cases. Here are what we believe to be the most appropriate blockchain use cases for enterprises and governments.

1. Blockchain in Baking and Finance

As a known fact, banking and financial services battle with primitive operational progress, slow payment settlements, limited transparency, and security exposures.

With the accountable and transparent governance systems as well as enhanced incentive alignment between stakeholders, blockchain technology can simply fix these problems which also furnish secure technology infrastructure and adequate business models. In the same way, blockchain permit the digitization of financial instruments, which results in better liquidity, lessened capital costs, diminished counterparty risk, and admittance to a broader investor and capital base.

2. Digital Identity

As the amount of data breaches surge with each passing year, it is progressively too complex to securely manage the identities of user and non-user. The theft of digital identity runs abundant in our society, which impacts millions of individuals negatively. At present, individuals also fail to have absolute control over their online identities.

A blockchain in identity management system furnishes a unified, interoperable, as well as tamper-proof infrastructure stuffed with chief benefits to enterprises, users, and IoT management systems.

3. Supply Chain

In general, global supply chains are ineffective, poor tracking, and frequently consumptive. In the same way, paperwork can account for half the price of container transport, and goods are misbranded often.

For this enterprise blockchain networks build a shared IT infrastructure that contours stakeholders’ workflows along the supply chain. Ethereum furnishes accurate asset tracking, embellished licensing of services, products, as well as software which eventually build transparency to the origin of consumer goods from the sourcing to the consumption point. Therefore, blockchain solutions for supply chain make the industry shine.

4. Real Estate

To point out, the investments of real estate are often trackless to many. At present, there is restricted liquidity among investors in the real estate industry. This is because permitting the involvement of multiple intermediaries results in high transaction costs.

Neglecting the high transaction cost is possible through enterprise Ethereum’s smart contracts which embellish real estate operations through eradicating the intermediaries and process optimization. Moreover, blockchain technology let industries to computerize assets and financial instruments that head into the ownership fractionalization, enlarged liquidity and democratized accession to the investment opportunities of the real estate. As a result, blockchain in real estate cutdowns the high transaction cost and increase visibility.

5. Media and Entertainment

The elements of media and entertainment industry such as fraudulent copies, peripheral studio intellectual property, digital piracy, and digital items duplication of the entertainment industry cost approximately $71 billion annually.

To diminish this cost, enterprise Ethereum provides distributed ledger which lets to track any content’s life cycle that terribly reduces copying of intellectual property, conserve digital content, and alleviate to distribute the authentic digital collectibles.

6. Healthcare and Medical Care

Misstatement, data silos, and the lack of communication between patients, providers, hospitals, and doctors afflict the healthcare world.

Blockchain-based data authorization and consent exchange scenarios result in faster, streamlined, and more secure medical data management as well as medical device tracking. To mention that, this amend patient care significantly, facilitate the medical discoveries advancement, ascertain the authenticity of drugs circulating global markets, and so on. Hence, blockchain in healthcare aids a lot for the industry.

7. Energy and Sustainability

It is a well-known fact that oil and gas companies endure siloed infrastructures and different issues which chiefly concern about transparency, efficiency, and optimization.

To spot out, the blockchain network has the potential to enhance the efficiency of the business process significantly and minify costs associated with the operations as well as the distribution of the oil and gas. Interconnected with IoT devices, a blockchain-enabled power grid automatize settlement and billing, reduce utility costs and clears real-time payments.

8. Trade and Commodities

Commodities exchange and trade financing systems heavily trust paper records which are unerect to fraud, human error, and delays.

Blockchain solutions have the potential to amend financing processes and intensify industry operations through furnishing a secure, smooth, and paperless solutions. To point out, every element of the trade finance process can be digitized with the blockchain and only authorized parties can access data, validate documentation, and penalize transactions.

9. Government and Public Sector

At present, traditionally, national and local governments swear heavily on out-of-date processes, legacy software, and ineffective organization structures. Yet, the public sector needs high-level security.

Ethereum’s encrypted ledger and smart contracts let governments to build trust, enhance responsiveness, accountability as well as enhance efficiency, diminish costs, and create high-performing government functions with more secure, agile, and cost-effective structures.

Apart from these, there are several other industries which attain huge benefit through blockchain technology such as gaming, voting, insurance, legal management and so on.

Wrapping Up

So far, you have grabbed the industries which attain benefits through blockchain. Right? Wanna make your business with blockchain solutions and build with immutable activities? You are now at the right place.

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