Published :30 July 2021

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Hire Dedicated Development Team

When you have an idea for software development projects such as Web, Mobile, or Desktop Applications you need a Dedicated Development Team. 

How is it possible to hire a development team? The best solution is a dedicated development team model.

What is a dedicated development team model?

The dedicated development team model makes an agreement between clients and a service provider company provides a team of software developers for the clients that are employed for your project/company.

A dedicated team defines that the team is working full-time for the client project and interacts directly with the client.

The client's daily role is to monitor the developer’s and overall progress of the project. Sometimes, It can be done through the project manager and is a valuable addition to the team to improve the project process and communication. 

Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Having your own dedicated development team can be a good choice for your project because of the following advantages:

Hand-picked tech talent

The service provider company picks the experts who would fit for the client projects or clients can directly interact with each professional and make the best-dedicated teammates.

Full control over project delivery

The client interacts with the team on a daily basis, monitors the overall progress till the successful completion of the project.


The dedicated team members can easily adapt to frequent changes in project requirements.


The client and the dedicated teammates communicated daily via IMO, Skype, etc. promotes better involvement, increased collaboration, and productivity time.

Guaranteed Results

When you hire a dedicated team, they focus on developing your project without any restriction. It improves productivity time right from the beginning and ensures the perfect outcome of your project.


When you hire dedicated developers, you get ready to use infrastructure, you can save the hiring costs, free training & other legal obligations, thus the overall production costs will be reasonable. 

Focus on your business

When you hire a dedicated team of developers for your projects, the team contains a networking team, designer, developer, tester, maintenance team, and other key activities such as marketing, branding which are also crucial for your business.

How does a dedicated development team work?  

The client speaks to the outsourcing provider company for hire a number of specifically skilled professionals based on the requirements of their projects. 

The service provider looks out for individual developers who are skilled in special coding language, the best designers, etc, and later makes a dedicated team that works fully on the client project from scratch to the end.

Where to Hire Dedicated Development Team?

Osiz technologies is an award-winning ISO Certified IT Outsourcing Company with a team of 250+ employees. We offer software developers/engineers/programmers a team for hire on an hourly, part-time or monthly basis who are excellent in solving complex business challenges using Agile Methodologies and technology solutions. 

What Osiz technologies offer for the clients?

Osiz, a leading software development company in India, with 10+ years in business. We have experts who can handle any complex projects and are experienced in offering innovative, secure, and high-quality solutions to the projects.

1. Business Analysis Team

We have dedicated business analysts, who can talk with the cutsomer to gather the business requirements. 

2. Management Team

Our management teams can make strategic planners, outline the project model, understand the scope of the project, etc.

3. Technology Expert

We have skilled technology experts at one place like Blockchain developers, AR/VR experts, Game developers, etc.

3. UI/UX Designer

We have a set of UI/UX designers, Graphic designers, Web and Mobile designers, VR experts, etc.

4. Software Developers

We have a set of separate well-knowledged developers who know all the latest technology stacks. The client can hire our PHP developers, Angular developers, Mean-stack developers, 3D unity developers, and  Blockchain developers, Deployment consultants, a Digital marketing team, etc. 

5. QA Experts

We have a well-known Quality Assurance expert for testing all kinds of web UI & functional, mobile applications, etc.

Why hire a dedicated team in Osiz?

1. Budget-Friendly Development
2. Transparent process
3. Time Zone Compatible
4. Easy Communication
5. A pool of Expert Developers
6. Best In Class Project Management 
7. Product Quality

No matter what the team size, project scope, and requirements of your project, Our team of talented and skilled developers offer simple, affordable solutions to build any software development project. 

Want to discuss more about hiring a dedicated development team? Schedule a free call today.

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