Published :19 July 2022
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osiz technologies - madurai - fraud company - nulled scripts - The Explanation for the Thread Created in BitcoinTalk forum.


This blog describes the thread created in bitcointalk forum, osiz technologies - madurai - fraud company - nulled scripts, It is created by anonymous user. 

We had a review entirely and the things says that, we did not provide any nulled scripts and stolen anyone money. We are a reputed IT software development company having 250+ employees, legal registration and now appreciated for CMMI level 3 offering placements for newbies to shine their career, so we don't need to stole any one amount. Read our blog this gives you more information to build our trust,  If you have seen our fake review in that forum

Business challenges we faced as of now, 

It is a challenge to sustain in the digital world. As we are developing our company with new technologies for the client to build their blockchain development. The negative reviews displayed on the bitcointalk website that we are a fraudulent company. Though we have an excellent team, there are many reasons why we are not reviewed well. Our client's testimonials will say who we are.

What are Nulled scripts?

When a script is altered to eliminate the author-implemented protection or when commercial online apps are updated to operate without a license key on pirated websites "nulled scripts" are created. These resemble online software that has been illegally copied. 
Let us spot a question for all those who negatively reviewed us, 

What is the need for us to steal your money?

We don't have any idea/intention of stealing your money. Our team has certified experts and developers who have constructed and created several digital platforms. We are experts in producing digital platforms quickly at an affordable cost. We deliver it once the product has undergone extensive testing and is bug-free. 

We will begin the project after signing the NDA. We have an Online Reputation Management team to find out the difficulties you are facing during the project development. We support you in finding the best solutions and addressing the issues. 
Avoiding fraudulent activities at your business

Fraudulent activities in a business are a severe concern. Everyone integrated into an organization has to remain attentive, whether the business is the crook or the victim of criminal activity. 

The better way to protect your business from hackers and corruption is by being aware of the hazards and taking preventive measures. The essential component is to review the financial data often and update the software. Another measure is to choose a trustworthy employee.

About - Osiz technologies 
Osiz is a top-tier blockchain development company, that offers exclusive support to building a public blockchain for a distributed network and business solutions to develop their private blockchain for a permissible network to secure business data. We have more than a thousand potential clients. The goal of our team is to go above and beyond for our customers' needs. We both together share ideas and give better outcomes as per the requirements. We are ready to offer a variety of services to our clients and maintain our workforce. 
We concentrate on blockchain products and services for businesses in sectors including startups, organizations, health care, transportation, supply chain management, educational institutions, and more. We often research the latest technologies in the blockchain sector and implement the proper blockchain solutions. We have a dedicated offshore development center to execute the additional improvements for our client's project. Moreover, we are appraised at a CMMI standard (level 3) software development company. 

Thus, we are the market pioneer in offering top services for software and our solutions are client based. The best approach to deal with the uncertain problems in software development. We have been motivated in front of the curve with our extensive knowledge. 

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Founder & CEO Osiz Technologies

Mr. Thangapandi, the CEO of Osiz, has a proven track record of conceptualizing and architecting 100+ user-centric and scalable solutions for startups and enterprises. He brings a deep understanding of both technical and user experience aspects. The CEO, being an early adopter of new technology, said, \"I believe in the transformative power of AI to revolutionize industries and improve lives. My goal is to integrate AI in ways that not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive sustainable development and innovation.\" Proving his commitment, Mr. Thangapandi has built a dedicated team of AI experts proficient in coming up with innovative AI solutions and have successfully completed several AI projects across diverse sectors.

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