Published: 22 June, 2021


A community-driven DeFi token with main functionalities that support in trading platform.


SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is DeFi integrated Decentralized exchange script helps to create a fundraising DeFi token protocol like SafeMoon. SafeMoon Clone Script brings with the features of Token generation with automated liquidity, RFI Tokenomics, and Rewards exactly found same as in SafeMoon.

Our SafeMoon Clone Script replicates the primary functionalities and features found in the DeFi protocol, SafeMoon. Our White label SafeMoon Clone Script guides to launch your own fundraising DeFi Token like SafeMoon.

Primary Features of Our SafeMoon Clone Script

  • Automated Liquidity Pool

  • Community Governed Tokens

  • Automated Market Making

  • Stable Rewards

  • Manual Burning

  • RFI Staking Rewards

  • LP Acquisition etc

White Label SafeMoon Clone Software

White label SafeMoon clone software is a customizable DeFi token protocol software of the famous crowdfunding platform “SafeMoon”. Our SafeMoon clone software includes the overall features and unique functionalities that one need to add up along with the features involved in SafeMoon token.

Our SafeMoon clone software is a multi-tested and 100% completely developed software that makes to proceed with an immediate deployment. It comprises of many advanced technologies with progressive infrastructure.  One can launch a Defi token like SafeMoon with the help of our SafeMoon Clone Software that inherits all the features and functionalities such as Reflection, LP Acquisition, static rewards and a lot more.

Specialization of Our SafeMoon Clone Script

Our SafeMoon clone script presents all the exclusive functionalities of a community based DeFi token protocol similar to SafeMoon with the following specialized functionalities. 

Automated Liquidity Pool

This is a yield generation process in which it helps the users to earn rewards according on the amount of tokens they have pooled in the crypto liquidity platform.


It happens with a passive income sharing same as in SafeMoon that helps the users to achieve rewards for their exchanging activity. For every transaction, there is a RFI charges as a percentage of  transaction fee and also income sharing happens for every new users into the platform.

Burning of tokens

With SafeMoon clone script, one can burn tokens manually which increase the token usability. It benefits the traders handling the platform for long term. It can monitor frequently and token can be tracked easily.


With the utilization of SafeMoon clone script, static rewards helps to balance due to mass adoption issues found in DeFi protocols. It can be overcome by condition based trading and volume based trading etc.

Major Benefits of Creating DeFi Protocol like SafeMoon

  • 100% Transparent

  • Complete Decentralization

  • Low Transaction Fee

  • Immutable Token Contract

  • Faster Performance

  • High-end Security

  • Borderless Transaction

  • Complete Ownership etc

SafeMoon Clone Development

SafeMoon Clone Development process is a complete decentralized and bug free source code that results the exact features and functionalities found in SafeMoon platform. It is an easy process for the entrepreneurs to launch a DeFi protocol like SafeMoon instantly. For the startups and crypto entrepreneurs wishing to enrich their business in a decentralized network, this SafeMoon Clone Development provide a solution to grow their trading business like SafeMoon. 

Our SafeMoon Clone Script inherited with all the functionalities and unique features inbuilt during the development process that replicates same as in the SafeMoon DeFi protocol. In an addition, it benefits the users with customizable and scalable, easy to launch, cost-effective, good revenue of success brings an instant solution.

How to Create a Fundraising DeFi Token Protocol like SafeMoon?

It is an easy and simple process to create a fundraising DeFi token protocol like SafeMoon by following the simple steps below.

  • With the proper analyzation of a popular fundraising protocol, SafeMoon, you can create a DeFi token with a simple research about the functionalities, benefits, features, working process of the protocol before its launch. 

  • Finding the best DeFi protocol development company to create a DeFi fundraising token similar to protocol like SafeMoon.

  • By  getting a technical support, you can launch your own DeFi protocol like SafeMoon based on your customized, unique and advanced features.

  • Based on your business demands, you can customize your SafeMoon Clone Script accordingly. You can launch your DeFi protocol with the dashboards and can customize a theme in your own SafeMoon like DeFi protocol. 

  • You can choose a DeFi development company with a huge number of professionals expertise in launching a successful DeFi protocol regarding your business requirements. 

The Best Destination for SafeMoon Clone Script

If you are in need to start your DeFi token like SafeMoon, then you need to find the best destination to buy a ready-made SafeMoon clone script or customizable White-label SafeMoon clone software to launch your reliable and cost effective SafeMoon like token.

Osiz, a renowned DeFi Development Company provides the best-in-class DeFi exchange development services with an advanced tech-stack, liquidity pools, smart contracts, premium features, Automated Market Maker etc. Our SafeMoon clone script helps the entrepreneur to launch their DeFi Token like SafeMoon .

Our SafeMoon Clone Script involves all the essential features and functionalities that include RFI tokenomics, Static Rewards, and an automated liquidity generating protocol. Our experienced blockchain developers specialized in providing DeFi token development solutions on any blockchain network that suits your business requirements.

Ready to Launch your DEFI Token like SafeMoon?

If you are in the idea of starting a DeFi Token like SafeMoon, Get Expert Advice!

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Telegram: Osiz_Tech

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