Published: 28 November, 2019

Stock Trading Software Development Company

As we well knew that stock market is an arduous sector to comprehend. So, let’s initiate with the stock exchange.

Stock Trading Software Development Company

As we well knew that stock market is an arduous sector to comprehend. So, let’s initiate with the stock exchange.

What is Stock Exchange?

When you search for What is stock exchange, you will get the definition like this. “A stock exchange is a place or electronic market where owners of businesses get together to buy and sell their shares or stock of a company or business.” yea, it is the place where the traders, investors and end users collaborate each other which let for the selling and buying of stocks, commodities as well as bonds. How this is possible smoothly is of prime thing that raise while thinking of stock exchange. Obviously, it is by stock exchange software. Proceed further…

Stock Exchange Software

A stock exchange software is a commodity software or stock analysis software that can be used to perform professional trading on national and international stock exchanges or share markets. No matter whether you are a short term trader or long term investor, this kind of stock trading software can help you to track market fluctuation, analysis real time price of stocks, back test historical trading methodologies, and  to derive smart investment strategies for witnessing a high ROI.

Why Stock Exchange Software?

Buying & selling of stocks, bonds and commodities is no more limited to a venue. Then, dealing in shares via websites or through agents had results in several interdisciplinary activities as well as wide of drawbacks. Now, dealing in shares become very easy and it is done with the certain software which make traders more adequate. To mention that, one must be live in the current updates and rapid to be a smart share broker, and that's what stock exchange software let you to achieve. To spot out, it brings an amenity as well as ease lives  of brokers. Not only the convenience, they offer one stop source for buying, selling and acquiring all the market updates.

Through these softwares, traders can easily admit various markets such as NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE and some other international stock markets. On the other hand, this makes the market strong for the share trading service provider. For this, several companies and agencies are there which assist people in their trading through consultation or trading on their behalf. Softwares let the individuals to do the trading without any external and internal supports, makes ease to everyone and makes the Stock Exchange Software Development as an expensive and emerging sphere.

Features of Stock Exchange Software

The end user can acquire all the below functionalities that assist trading in the best possible way. With these softwares, you can simply deliver a service which contribute to trade your business eventually.

1. Check-in Process

The progress of authentication remains simple and non-burdening for the users. There exist multiple check-in options like pin code, biometrics, and so on.

2. User Profile

Users can acquire an option to hold on their personal data and preferences accompanying to notifications or diminish the frequency in which they need their account to get debited.

3. Deposit & Withdraw

It lets the end-user to deposit the money whenever he/she need without any troubles. In the same way, it enables them to withdraw the amount smoothly with all the required specifications.

4. Putting Trades on Stocks

The one facilitative feature the user can grab in the stock trading app development process is the functionality to dispatch orders and monitor their funds flow.

5.. Buy/Sell

Encouraging users in active buying and selling of bonds, commodities and securities efficiently.

6. Search

The most beneficial option of the stock trading application is search option that let investors and traders to search for active stocks and its market’s current rate.  

7. Stop Loss

Aiding traders to hold back stop-loss with update and making them to predict the market.

8. Analytics

The participants of the stock market will acknowledge the opportunity to look at the statistics and examine the end result of their trades, transactions, etc.

9. History and KYC

Managing history to serve the traders make action plan and callback import events and news. For ensuring the software’s safety, KYC regulations are followed and are made inevitable.

10. Ledger

Authorizing traders with their own ledger so they can effectively  record every move of market.

11. Holding

Let the users to safely keep their holdings and offering them an access to harmlessly utilize their assets.

12. Push Notifications

Push notifications, which is consider as the must-have part of the stock trading app which provides notification to the users of how their stocks have moved and so on. 

Benefits of Stock Exchange Software

1. Global access to stock market and liquidity solutions

2. Simple to find, research and trade

3. Easy to handle, simple interface, stable and highly secure

4. Pliable and permit all sorts of customization

5. Applicable to desktops as well as handheld devices

6. Real-time trading alerts

7. Simple & quick switching between different stocks

8. Feasibility & stability while using

Top 5 Stock Trading Apps

1. Robinhood

Robinhood, which is considered as a best stock trading app in its own right has its own advantageous traits. Even though, Robinhood restricts to access complete range of investments like mutual funds, it works great for stocks and ETFs, and newly included support for Bitcoin.

The prime attribute of the app are centered on tracking stocks you own and on your watchlist. For trading, the initial step is to search for any stock. Get in your trade into the app and own the stock without any commissions or trade fees. To point out, updating to a premium Robinhood account provides you an access to margin trading as well as extended hours trading in addition to all other features.

2. E- Trade

At once, E-Trade was a colonist in online investing. With its extended features, this concern began to offer online trades through the Internet via America Online. To point out, E-Trade is a leader in online and mobile trading which remains at the top of the pack today.

Once login to the into the app for iOS or Android, you can perspect your investments or enter trades for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and much more trading options.

3. Stockpile

Stockpile permit you to buy and sell stocks as similar to other stock trading apps, but the most amazing thing about the app is, it lets you to present single shares of stock or purchase fractional shares with a very low 99-cent trade fee. You can commit in a portion of a share rather with a much lower minimum investment.

Stockpile is great to the families for a reason, because it assist you to buy and gift shares or stock. When you make investing for a family activity, this is great for kids, teens as well as family portfolios.

4. Ameritrade

Ameritrade, one of the largest brokerage firms in the country and the best overall stock trading app. Ameritrade in reality furnish multiple mobile apps as per your needs.

The initiative is the elemental TD Ameritrade Mobile app, that offers you much of the power you have on your desktop stock trading app on both iOS, Android, as well as windows phones. On the other hand, there is the TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader app on both iOS and Android for a more powerful trading experience.

5. Acorns

Preferring Acorns is the right choice when you desire to invest and have no notion on what to do. After linking of your bank account, Acorns will track your lawful spending and “round up” purchases to the nearest dollar and then moved to your Acorns account for investment. Besides, You can acquire the option to manually transfer funds to your account.

Wrapping Up

At present, the trading industry is proceeding at a rapid pace and brings about several issues that need to be addressed. It is possible wiith the best stock trading software development company.

Stock Market Trading Software Development Company

We, Osiz technologies, a leading stock trading software development company is ready to take up the contest and offer turnkey solutions to assist your business boon and boom.

We build, customize and integrate a huge range of trading software that ply for the necessities of traders, stock exchanges, asset managers, brokerages, investment agencies, buy-side firms, trust funds, financial intermediary banks and so on.

Here is our end to end trading solutions

I. Financial Trading Solutions

II. Automated Trading Software

III. Trading Mobile Apps

IV. Analytical Solutions

V. Currency Exchange Software

VI. Equities Systems

VII. Cryptocurrency Solutions

VIII. Software Security

For more queries and further clarifications, feel free to engage with our adept professionals

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