Clone Script

Our Remitano clone contains built-in features and functionalities like the Remitano exchange

Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script is a peer-to-peer trading platform that allows traders to trade digital coins without hindrance it similar looks like branded crypto exchange like Remitano. Remitano Clone is a programmed script that provides a robust dispute resolution system for resolving trade disputes. It has a well-run administration that effectively intervenes and moderates the situation.

Features of Our Remitano Clone Script

Superfast Trade Matching Engine

Superfast trade matching engineThe efficient trading engine feature allows customers to quickly choose their preferred trading more easy, secure, fast trading process to find perfect buyers & sellers without any time delays.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

Cryptocurrency wallet integration We can provide an integrated cryptocurrency wallet that can support 100+ Cryptocurrencies & other types of cryptos.Thus the wallet in highly secure for storing your cryptocurrencies.

Two-Factor Auth-Entication / KYCn

Two-factor authentication / KYCRemitano Clone has two-factor authentication to ensure maximum security. Before logging into the exchange, traders are required to verify their registered cellphone number & email.

Trading Bot

The trading bot is an automated bot that can be connected to a crypto exchange. When the market price of cryptocurrencies corresponds with the programmed price, it automatically trades. As a result, traders save a significant amount of time by not having to monitor market prices.

P2P Trading

Traders can match, sell, & purchase orders themselves to proceed with the trading in a p2p trading facility, where trading takes place end-to-end without the intervention of third parties.

High Transaction Speed

High transaction speedHigh transaction speed is completely attainable with our Remitano clone script, reducing traders' waiting time and allowing them to enjoy butter-smooth and lightning-fast transactions.

Multiple Language Support

Multiple language supportWe offer multilingual support to ensure that language is not a barrier for users. This will dramatically improve the exchange's trade volume by attracting users from all around the world.

Advertisement On Platform

Advertisement On PlatformThe users can create an advertisement on the platform to buy or sell cryptos Online or Offline. This will allow buyers and sellers to promote the need for cryptocurrencies.

Some other Features are as follows

Escrow protection
Derivatives trading
Launchpad integration
Cryptocurrency Stacking
Multiple layer security
Smart contract
OTC Trading
Atomic swap
Bounty features

How does Remitano Clone Script Works


Users Must Fill Out A Registration Form With Their Personal Information


With The KYC Details Supplied, Registered Users Are Confirmed And Validated


User Can log In And Begin Trading After The Validation Is Completed


Buyers And Sellers Can Make An Ad With Their Specification


The Trading Process Begins Once The Buyer And Seller Adverts Are Perfectly Matched


When Sellers And Buyers Start Trading, The Escrow Servies Is Turned On


Once The Deal Is Started, The Seller's Crypto Are Held In An Escrow Wallet Until The Payment Is Confirmed By The Seller


The Cryptos Are Sent To The Buyer's Wallet Once Escrow Receives Payment Confirmation From The Seller


Benefits of Using Remitano Clone Script

User friendly
P2P trading
CMS Security
Encrypted Chatbot
Escrow Wallet
Proximity match

Remitano Clone

Remitano Clone Software is a source code that can be fully customized and tested to create cryptocurrency exchanges similar to Remitano. With the assistance of Remitano Clone Software, one can initiate a crypto exchange like remitano with all of the trading functionality includes ad-based trading, P2P trading, proximity match, multilingual features, and more

Remitano Clone App Development

You cannot limit users’ to access your website. In the trendy world, smartphones rule the roost in every industry. Is not unusual. Your user may miss an unnoticed letter delivered to his laptop, but he will never miss a notification delivered to his smartphone. That is the secret of the Mobile apps’ success.

The Remitano mobile clone app helps you expand your business by allowing users to receive alerts about any software changes. The Remitano clone script clone app will have several extra features in addition to the general upgrades and features that the mobile apps provide.

We deliver a Remitano Clone Software with our Remitano Clone Script. Our Remitano clone app is created and developed to run on both Android and iOS platforms.

Outstanding Features of Remitano Clone App

Pop up messages
Multi-signature wallet
Two-factor authentication
Encrypted private key
Trading Bot
In-App messaging
Location tracking

Exclusive Benefits of Our Remitano Clone

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You have complete control over user profiles, transaction history, and the ability to take swift action in the event of any questionable conduct
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The Admin has the ability to confirm the KYC and approve the account
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Depending on the situation, he can afflict several revenue streams
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Users can choose from a variety of trading choices, such as binary trading, peer-to-peer trading, and so on.
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Without the admin's management, none of the trading platform's actions will be carried out
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Traders can trade without fear of regulation or interruption due to it is a peer-to-peer platform.
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Traders can fill out the form to list their tokens on our Remitano clone script platform.
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Traders can join the Affiliate program to make money by spreading the word about the platform to their global trading peers
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With our crypto platform, the trader can take advantage of IEO

Why Start a Crypto Exchange Like Remitano?

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Remitano is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that is both trustworthy and user-friendly
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Remitano enables traders to conduct business without relying on a third party
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Remitano has a robust dispute resolution procedure to ensure that users on their site can trade safely and securely.
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Remitano facilitates effective trading through the use of the Escrow service,
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which aids in the execution of trades between buyers and sellers.
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Without the admin's management, none of the trading platform's actions will be carried out

Remitano Clone Script Development Process

Research & Analysis

Building a Remitano clone on the Host-server in preparation for the successful launch of a digital currency similar to Remitano.


The investigation and analysis of the business scope is the first phase in project creation.


The design of your exchange website is crucial because it is quite successful in engaging and delighting users.


The API, wallet, backend, frontend, and other features must all be integrated.


Testing is an important element of the development process since it aids in the identification and proper execution of each module.


We are building a Remitano clone in preparations for the rollout of cryptocurrency exchange similar to Remitano on the Host-server.

Why Choose Osiz for Remitano Clone Development?

Osiz Technologies is a top cryptocurrency exchange development business in cryptocurrency exchange development.

We have a team of highly skilled developers with extensive experience in the construction of cryptocurrency exchanges. To create the bitcoin exchange development process, our developers use an agile approach. With our white label Remitano clone script, you may start your own cryptocurrency exchange similar to Remitano.

If you're thinking about creating a cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano, feel free to contact us for guidance

  1. Deployed 100+ Cryptocurrency Exchange.
  2. On-time Delivery
  3. Highly Skilled Developers
  4. Agile Methodology
  5. 12+ Years of Expertise in the Cryptocurrency Industry.

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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Remitano Clone script is multi-tested, complete source code to launch a crypto exchange like Remitano.

Remitano clone is a crypto exchange that executes trades with Escrow service. It supports traders with powerful dispute management systems.

The development process differs according to the requirements and business scope of the exchange script.

Multi-signature wallet

Two-factor authentication

Encrypted private key

Trading Bot

Deployed 100+ Cryptocurrency Exchanges

On-time Delivery

Highly Skilled Developers

Agile Methodology

10+ Years of Expertise in the Cryptocurrency Industry