Dubai World Blockchain summit 2019

The trescon Global Business Solutions is going to conduct the World Blockchain Summit (#WBSDubai) in Jumeirah emirates tower Dubai on 23-24 October for collaborating whole . We proudly say that Osiz, an Enterprise blockchain development company having ten years of experience going to participate for second time in a mega event organized by Trescon. WBS: Providing digital conference to contend the emerging challenges and opportunities of block-chain. This collaborates the experts from the leading blockchain company and emerging startups to articulate evolution in blockchain with their huge experience. Also, regional businesses, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors, blockchain developers take part in this event for nurturing the business over the blockchain.

This summit has enchanted technology players/gurus for several years who are thriving to shelled out their skills and experiences via master courses. We provide an aberrant workshop that is primarily centered on the exceptional opportunities among the huge cult. The panel section that allows clients to accomplish more and provides an outstanding experience for those privileged customers. Exactly, what we interact with would accomplish is definite.

On that auspicious event, Osiz establishes mastery of the blockchain that equipped client experiences about how they conduct operations, manage as well. We provide cutting-edge blockchain solutions to our clients letting them dominate the market

About #WBSDubai2019

WBS aimed at connecting blockchain leaders for initiating the use cases, inspirational keynotes, panel talk over, tech talks, blockchain exhibition, start-up promotion competitions and a host of networking opportunities. More than 500 senior-level professionals were connected in this network for almost 30 hours which brings red-hot solutions to the blockchain and use case as well. We have investment partners, Community partners, Media partners and Associated partners. Our platinum sponsors are Kanerika, Future1 Exchange.

Join us for our breakout session with our skilled blockchain professionals
Highlights of World Blockchain summit Mumbai 2019
We had a discussion with huge business enterprises for blockchain implementation and got an exciting experience as well. We were engaged with huge customers until the section got over. Many business leads, enterprises, IT leaders, government business leads consulted us on how to inculcate blockchain with their business. We also had an argument on helping their existing business with our blockchain solutions and for those clients we are working now. Our senior blockchain consultant had given an interview to media about supply chain process under blockchain, which assist consumer goods manufacturing companies for implementing blockchain to their business

"Technology is unlocking the innate compassion we have for our fellow human beings"

"Think, decide and learn with our experts on WBSDubai2019"

"We can transform your business/industry in blockchain technology"

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